Is The New iPhone 13 Worth The Wait?

Tech giant Apple has been in the spotlight lately, with days leading up to its iPhone 13 launch date on September 14. There's no potential release date for the general market yet, but all sorts of rumours have already circulated on the internet regarding Apple's iPhone 13.

One of the first iPhone 13 leaks points on the aesthetic. iPhone models are known for their simple yet intelligent and sleek designs, making them a conversation piece. The iPhone 13 is a far cry from the previous iPhone models but is reminiscent of the iPad Pro and the older-generation units.

As for the other features, we can only wait and see—or maybe, rely on a few things we have heard so far.

iPhone 13 - Apple

What will be the design and dimension?

Rumours suggest that the upcoming iPhone 13 line-up is expected to be of the same display sizes as the previous iPhone 12 series, measuring at 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches, and 6.7 inches. There are also sources claiming that the earpiece speaker will be transferred to the top bezel, resulting in a smaller notch. Also, based on iPhone 13 schematics seen by MacRumors, there could be an increase in camera bump size ranging from 2.51mm to 3.65mm.

How many models of iPhone 13 are there?

Nothing is set in stone yet, but trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo already gave us a few hints of what we are in for. In an investor note released last March, Kuo mentioned that the iPhone13 series would have four models (iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max) of the exact screen sizes.

How much is the iPhone 13 Pro Max in Australia?

As we wait for this series to be available for purchase, multiple media outlets have already deduced that this new flagship will be a tad more expensive than its predecessor. For example, in Australia, the price forecast for an iPhone 13 Pro Max is 1,849 AUD.

What are the features?

Besides the cost, we have also listed rumoured features of the newest iPhone 13 line. These have not been confirmed by Apple yet, but it's great to have a picture of what to expect in the future.

Is iPhone 13 waterproof?

The answer is yes. Just like iPhone's previous models, this set is rumoured to be water-resistant and went through rigorous testing to see whether or not it still works after being submerged in liquid with a depth of 4 meters for 30 minutes.

Will iPhone 13 have a touch ID?

Touch ID is one of the iPhone's advanced security features—however, you probably won't see it making a comeback with the newest iPhone 13 models. What's left is the facial recognition system that lets you unlock your phone, purchase content from the iTunes store and more.

iPhone 13 models - Apple

Will iPhone 13 have 120hz?

Multiple news outlets reported that Apple would build a 120Hz screen with LTPO technology on pro models, providing customers with better streaming and browsing experience.

How many cameras does the iPhone 13 have?

Another factor that we all seem to be curious about is the camera. Rumour has it that Apple's newest addition to its iPhone family will have at least three significant cameras with 12MP sensors.

Is iPhone 13 going to be portless?

Yes and no. The new iPhone 13 is expected to retain its Lightning port on most units but will go portless for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Will iPhone 13 have MagSafe?

Yes, all iPhone 13 will have MagSafe support.

iPhone 13 - Apple

iPhone 13 vs 12

When it comes to its size, the difference is not so much, you can barely notice it. The previous iPhone 12 is 7.4mm thick, while the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are 7.57mm. The camera bumps around iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 Pro will be 2.51mm and 3.56mm, respectively. The size is a noticeable increase in iPhone 12's camera bumps. As for refresh rates, iPhone 12 only has 60Hz, while iPhone 13 is rumoured to be 120Hz.

iPhone 13 vs Samsung s22

iPhone's most significant competitor Samsung is also rumoured to launch before this year ends. For that, we can't help but also look into Samsung s22 leaked features and see how it compares to the highly anticipated iPhone 13 line. It is reported that iPhone 13 will come with a smaller notch, but the Samsung s22 plans to take this upgrade to the next level by featuring an under-display selfie camera.

When it comes to cameras, both are expected to have three with 12MP. In terms of display, there isn't much of a difference. iPhone has a display size of 6.1 inches, while the Samsung s22 measures 6.06 inches.

So, is it worth the wait?

It can be a yes or no, depending on your demands or lifestyle. Yes, it can be an exciting thing to have, especially if you have always been an Apple fan. It doesn't have that much of a difference from its predecessors, but let's watch for more as we get closer to the launch date.