Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Phone Screen From Cracking

ways to prevent your phone screen from cracking

A cracked phone screen is the most common issue we get when repairing phones. The price of a phone repair is always a shock, so it's better to protect your phone screen from cracking in the first place. Here are three fool proof ways you can protect your phone screen.

1. Get a Screen Protector

It might seem like the most obvious solution, but surprisingly, many people don't have a screen protector on their devices. Admittedly, it can be hard to know which screen protector is the best. 

Traditional tempered glass screen protectors can offer physical protection for your touch screen as it adds a layer of glass on top of your device. These type of screen protectors can resist scratches and absorb the initial effects of minor drops and shocks. Full cover screen protectors offer edge to edge protection and mould to the curves of your screen for complete screen protection. Shop our range of tempered glass screen protectors here.

If you're looking for invisibly thin protection, liquid screen protectors are the answer. Liquid screen protectors are liquid glass and provide protection on a Nano level. It's easy to use as you just need to wipe the liquid onto your device. Once applied, the liquid Nano screen protector won't be visible, but it will increase your touchscreen's hardness, scratch resistance and impact resistance. Shop the EFM LiquidNano Screen Protector here.

2. Get a Case

Not just any case... Phone cases have different levels of protectiveness, depending on the material used, the shape of the case, and its inherent style. 

Regarding the materials to look for in a case, you want to search for lab-tested materials that are shock-proof and drop-proof. Look for special technology that disperses impacts and discloses how high your phone can be dropped from.

If you want to protect your phone screen from cracking, you'd want to find a phone case with the right shape and cover. Raised edges will limit your screen from making contact with the ground if you drop your phone face down. 

Finally, the style of a case can also matter when protecting your phone screen. For example, a wallet case with a folio cover doubles as a cardholder and a screen protector as it adds a layer of protection for your touch screen. The amount of coverage a case covers will also determine whether it is protective enough or not. Some cases only cover the corners and the back of a phone, leaving the edges and ports vulnerable. Other cases can offer 360-degree protection with a rear, front, and port shield. Additionally, thinner case styles will generally not be as protective as thicker cases (but note that the material used matters as well). 

Our protective cases are formulated with unique materials that make them drop-proof and shock-proof and are shaped and designed to maximise protection for your phone. We stock the most popular brands of protective cases in Australia: EFM, Itskins, LifeProof, and OtterBox! Shop all protective cases here.

EFM cases are slim, clear and tough lab-tested cases. Their classic case range features antimicrobial technology and is constructed with D3O technology, exceeding military-grade drop test standards by 500%. Shop EFM cases here.

Itskins cases are affordable and anti-shock certified cases. Made with HEXO-TEK™ 2.0 air pocket technology, all drops and knocks are dispersed through the sides, corners and ends of the case, so you'll get 2-meter drop protection. Shop Itskins cases here.

The LifeProof FRĒ range has a built-in screen cover for 360 protection, making it WaterProof, DropProof, DirtProof, and SnowProof. The phone case shields ports, mics and speakers, making it submersible in water for 1 hour up to 2 metres deep and drop-proof from 2-metres high. Shop LifeProof cases here.

OtterBox cases offer multi-layer protection whilst staying slim and stylish. Raised edges protect the camera and touch screen whilst the DROP+ technology allows 3 to 5 times as many drops as military standard. Shop OtterBox cases here.

3. Get a Phone Grip

If you're a clumsy person who's constantly dropping your phone, a phone grip is the perfect accessory for your cumbersome hands. Phone grips provide a secure handle for your fingers, making it less likely for you to drop your phone and hence preventing your phone screen from cracking. Phone grips often double as a stand so you can watch cat videos hands-free! They can also offer a secure grip so you can text with one hand and snap better photos. No wonder so many people have claimed phone grips have changed their lives!

PopSockets are the most popular phone grips on the market, which come in many colourful forms. They pop up when pulled on and retract with a telescopic design when pushed down. You can shop our range of customisable PopSockets here.

Phone grips are simple to use and easy to attach to your phone. Watch the video below for a demonstration on how to attach a PopSocket!

How to put on a PopSockets PopGrip:

  1. Peel the sticker off to reveal the adhesive backing. 
  2. Clean your phone or phone case's surface to remove any oil or dirt.
  3. Attach the PopSocket to the clean and dry surface.
  4. Pop up the phone grip to start using it!

TIP: If you want to experiment with different PopSocket styles, look for the 'Swappable' range. You'll be able to switch the top designs without removing the adhesive base and buy top designs separately.


Need a Repair?

If you need a screen replacement because your screen has already cracked, get a quote or visit our technicians in-store today. Our staff are professionally trained to repair smartphone issues and we stock high-quality parts.