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      Keep cool, charged and connected. Don't get caught on low battery. Shop our range of wireless charging stands, car chargers, wall adapters, charging cables and portable power banks. ...

      Lessen the clutter with a wireless charging stand. Our charging stands are truly wireless with inductive charging and an anti-slip design. They are available for any Qi-enabled device, and you can charge without removing your case. The stand allows you to use your device whilst it charges, and you can place it horizontally or vertically. Perfect for the home or the office.

      Use your phone hands-free and safely while it charges with a wireless charging car mount. Our car mounts come in an air vent or suction mount form and are simple to use and install. The chargers are safe to use as they have built-in over-voltage and short-circuit features to ensure ultimate safety for your phone.

      Wall adapters, charging adapters, outlet adapters or power adapters. Whatever you may call it, we've got it. Plug it into the wall, and you're ready to power up. Dual-port adapters are perfect for charging multiple devices and connecting various cables.

      MFi cables are Apple certified and are built with a chip inside the connecter that controls the amount of current delivered. Get a charging cable you can trust. Our charging wires MFi certified and are designed to ensure optimal transfer speeds. Choose from 1 metre to 2 metre long cables for syncing and charging your compatible Apple devices.

      Portable power banks are great to charge your device on the go, especially if you've forgotten to charge your phone overnight or need more power during the day as you travel. Our power banks are lightweight, convenient and fast-charging. Choose from a wired or wireless portable battery.

      13 products

      13 products