Add interest and personality with our customisable aesthetic phone cases. Shop our range of stylish and protective cases and find the perfect case for you or someone you know. Customisation is complimentary, with 6 unique fonts to choose from. Use up to 16 characters and a gold or silver foil finish. ...

      Glitter Cases have hundreds of floating glitter flakes that shimmer in your case like a snow globe, available in gold and rose gold.

      Mirror Cases are perfect for checking your reflection on the go and are glass-free, shatter-proof and shock-proof. Available in gold, rose gold and silver.

      Iridescent Cases sparkle with a multicoloured rainbow shine when angled under light and offer a subtle colour to an otherwise translucent case.

      Pearl Cases provide an elegant smooth pearlescent shine to your phone case, available in pink and white.

      Floral Cases feature a slim and clear glitter profile with real dried pressed flowers embedded in the case, available in pink or yellow flowers.

      Liquid Sand Cases glow in the dark and shift with movement. Available in blue, green, orange and red.

      70 products

      70 products